What future working opportunities do computer science students have?

Problem Detail: If I am right students learning computer science at universities learn very theoretical kind of knowledge. A knowledge most of which (e.g. algorithm theory) can’t be used to create everyday software (e.g. MS Word, IE, etc.). What opportunities do computer science graduates have if they don’t want to do research but rather work at some company where they can make use of what they have studied. (e.g. not writing MS Word) In case of still not being clear enough, generally speaking, what I would like to know is what can a computer science gradute work?

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First opportunities that come to my mind:

  • data mining: it is used by e-commerce websites like Amazon to understand consumer behavior; also used by banks to calculate how likely the debt will be payed back;
  • systems design, that can have high throughput: this is used by search engines like Google, but also in conterterrorism, and finance;
  • geographic information systems: companies like TomTom and Foursquare, but also airports and airline companies
  • performance analysis and finding bottle necks in systems: this is any company that has a big investment in ICT;
  • embedded systems programming: Siemens, Ericcson and other companies and producers of embedded devices, also electronics for cars;
  • hardware software interface in mobile systems: Motorola, Samsung, Apple, you name it;
  • operating systems for mobile devices: Nokia and Microsoft are doing a lot of work here, also Google and Apple
  • mathematical models in finance
  • power grid networks management systems: Austin Energy, Etap
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