Explain the following with reference to “hardening” in WINDOWS 2000 O/S:

(1) Hardening the O/S and
application code

MIcrosoft peridically ditributes large updates to
its OS in the form of service packs. Service Packs include all the major and
minor fixes up. microsoft also distributes intermediate updates to their
operating systems in the form of Hotfix.
The following steps descrive the automated
process of deisoverting and installing service packs and hotfixes to a window
2000 system
Open IE (internet Explorer)
Go to tools – windwos update
when askesd if you trust
microsoft, say YEs.

(2) Hardening the file
system security

In this case , we have to make sure that the hard
drive partitions are formatted with NTFS. This file system is more secure than
FAT of FAT32 schemes

Step1: check your hard drive

Log in as Administrator
Double click on My computer
Right CLick on each Hard
Drive and Chosse properties
Generat tab will identify
the File system type.

Step2: Converting FAT or
FAT32 partitions to NTFS

Go ro start- RUN
Type cmd and click OK
At command prompt issue the
following command convert drive
Hit return to run the
Reboot the system.

(3) Hardening the local
security policies

While many system attacks take advantage of
software inadequacy, many also make use of user accounts. To prevent such sort
of vulnerability, “policies” or rules defien what sort or
account/password ” behavior” is appropriate, what type of auditing is
Account policy answers the following.
How often do I need to
change my password?
How long or how complex does
my password need to be?

Auditing policies determine what kind of security
transactions are recorded in the security Event Long.

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