What are Switched Communication Networks ?

switched communication network is a communication network which uses switching for connection of two non-adjacent nodes

Switched communication networks are divided into circuit switch networks, message switched networks, and packed switched networks.

Types Of Switched communication network
1.Broadcast Communication Network.
2.Fully Connected Network.

1.Broadcast Communication Network:-In computer networking and telecommunication, a broadcast communication network is a communication network which uses broadcast for communication between its nodes. They take messages from a single sender and transmit to all endpoints on the network. For example, Radio, Television, etc.

2.Fully Connected Network:- n a fully connected network, all nodes are interconnected. (In graph theory this is called a complete graph.) The simplest fully connected network is a two-node network. A fully connected network doesn’t need to use packet switching or broadcasting. However, since the number of connections grows quadratically with the number of nodes:

{\displaystyle c={\frac {n(n-1)}{2}}.\,}

This makes it impractical for large networks. This kind of topology does not trip and affect other nodes in the network.

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