Explain the various computer security classification recognised by trusted computer system Evaluation criteria (TCSEC)

Trusted computer system evaluation criteria is a united states government Department of Defense standard that sets basic requirement for assessing the effectiveness of computer security controls built into a computer system. The TCSEC was used to evalute, classify and select Read More …

Construct an E-R diagram for a coaching institute which prepares students for entrance to engineering programs. The institute conducts theory classes from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English. The institute maintains records about faculty (visiting, full time) and supporting administrative staff, students, assignments, test result, class timings and payments made to staff. Students are admitted to the institute after they have successfully passed the test. The institute issues transcripts to students showing student’s performance in the class tests. The transcript contains student’ name, subject (physics, chemistry, math and English), assignment score and test score. Clearly indicate the entities, attributes, relationship between entities, keys and cardinalities.

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